Manual Disability and Equity at Work

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Despite international and national guarantees of equal rights, there remains a great deal to be done to achieve global employment equality for.
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Guidelines How can managers support staff with disabilities? Promoting an inclusive culture Ensure a workplace culture of respect and positive recognition of differences.

Read the Disclosure of information and why we collect data Staff members can at any time update their personal information and make changes to their disability status on the Enterprise Person Registry The Staff with disabilities and impairments webpage provides further information and advice Avoiding discrimination Direct discrimination occurs when someone with a disability or impairment is treated less favourably than other people may be treated in the same circumstances.

This could indirectly discriminate against a person with a disability or impairment who was unable to hold a licence Having stairs as the only access to a workplace. See also Campus accessibility Delivering quality induction, training and development A quality induction is important for all employees. Any reasonable accommodation required would ideally be identified before the person started working, including making sure the environment was safe and accessible and other colleagues are aware if they will be impacted.

The Assistance during an evacuation information provides guidance for staff with disabilities and their colleagues on safely managing emergency evacuations.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Goals

Staff who may need assistance and support during an emergency evacuation should contact Health Safety and Wellbeing to develop a personal emergency evacuation plan and register their name and location details with the Building Warden. Induction plans for new staff can include workplace assessments and if necessary, advice from external specialist agencies. Assigning a mentor or buddy will assist the staff member with disabilities in the early stages of their employment. Colleagues should be aware of reasonable accommodation they need to make such as providing written information in large print.

If unexpected issues concerning accessibility or reasonable accommodation arise, these should be discussed and resolved as soon as possible.

DRW’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goals

Ensure staff members with disabilities have career goals and objectives. Development activities should be fully inclusive. Training, course, and conference venues should be accessible and training material appropriately presented. Wherever possible, trainers will be aware of the needs of staff with disabilities. The Staff with Disabilities webpage and the Checklist for hosting inclusive events provide further information on how to support and work positively with staff with disabilities.

Supporting staff in their job Managing and coaching staff to meet the responsibilities of their job, including objectives and actions within their ADPR and Evolve, is the same as for all employees whether they have a disability or not; some meet expectations, some exceed and others require assistance to meet expectations.

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However, it is important that staff with disabilities have appropriate career goals and work expectations, that they are appropriately supported to participate in any performance review process and have the necessary workplace accommodations. The review and appraisal process will not penalise a staff member because they need reasonable accommodations.

Ask if the working environment is making it difficult to do their job and explore how to overcome any difficulties. Disciplining an employee for a reason related to their disability, e. Disciplinary measures in these circumstances should only be taken after all possible reasonable accommodations have been made to try to improve their attendance or performance. Advice should be sought in such circumstances before taking any action.

How does one quantify “substantially limit”?

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